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So I needed new tyres, and after much shopping around, it was clear that was the cheapest for the 215/65/16 Yokohama Geolandar AT/S G012, on special for R1514ea. Ordered on Thursday night, and I got a call this afternoon, that they had arrived at the fitment partner. Rushed off and had them fitted this afternoon.

Super impressed with:
Speed of delivery
No charge for having them shipped to fitment partner in CT
Service and communication

So 4x new awesome tyres for R6500 all in!!!! Next closest quote locally was R7500

Definitely recommend checking them out for ANY tyres you may be purchasing

Wow... will surely keep them in mind!  Didn't realise they'll send tyres round the country.
I paid a LOT more about a year ago, around R2,500 ea, although I got 225/60/17.
Thanks for the tip!

D-Rex, does the 225/60R17 fit on the SH without any hassles?

westcoaster: probably meant that for me? Sincce d-rex has an SG and I have an SH?
If so, yes, 225/60/17 is no problem at all.
I've posted in a few places about the small impact on gearing etc - no issue on the XT/S-ed, unless you want to be chasing GTis at the lights.

Had good service from them, the G900 215/55/17 for the SG XT wasn't on their site, a couple of mails and it was added at a good price.


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