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G012's on special now. Their price is just slightly less than half what I was quoted here at home. Add courier and insurance and it's still R5000 cheaper on a set of 5.

im tempted. 16" is so much cheaper :D :D

Just ordered my new shoes for Blue Wasabi.
Erols Tyres.
Rims will go for powdercoating maybe tomorrow.
Tyres delivered to a fitment centre in Randburg and all I pay is about R100-00 per tyre for fitment.
Item   Qty   Unit Price   Total Price
ACHILLES, DESERT HAWK H/T, 215/60 R17, 96H   4   R1,514.00   R6 056.00
        Shipping   R0.00
        Insurance   R151.40
        Order Total   R6 207.40
Pretty good I think.

They don't have stock!
Now what?


--- Quote from: FozzieDriver on February 12, 2015, 05:25:14 PM ---Booooooo!
They don't have stock!
Now what?

--- End quote ---
Ah damn!!!

I could give you the distributor's details if you want?


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