Author Topic: VF43 turbocharger stripped  (Read 949 times)

March 17, 2015, 11:45:59 AM
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VF43 stripped / disassembled

Tools required:      
1.   Small spanners and/ sockets set
2.   Torx type allen key sockets
3.   Penetrating lubricant (Rust-off or WD40...)
4.   Soft rubber hammer
5.   Harder hammer (copper or steel)

Time required:   30min or less
Difficultly:   Easy

This VF43 was originally from a 2007 Hawk STI, it was installed on my 2004 Forester XT and failed during a track day excursion in 2014.  Turbine blades broke off from rotor shaft.  See separate forum post, link...

Starting condition; oil and coolant pipes removed.
Remove circlip securing wastegate actuator arm to lever on exhaust casing.
Remove two bolts securing wastegate flange to compressor casing.

Wastegate actuator and bracket removed.

Remove further bolts securing the compressor casing to bearing casing (core or CHRA).
Pull off compressor casing in axial direction, use light blows from soft hammer if required.
 It should not be too stuck, just a o-ring or silicone sealing the two surfaces.

Notice touching marks on insert (curved inlet flow surface) of the compressor casing caused by contact from the compressor wheel.

Remove clamp securing exhaust casing to bearing casing.
Pull off exhaust casing in axial direction.  In the case of turbocharger with many running hours excessive force will be required.  Thus use a penetrating lubricant applied to joint to ease removal and use a heavy hammer to knock exhaust casing loose.

It may be easier to remove exhaust casing before compressor casing to avoid damage to compressor wheel blades.

Bearing casing condition after removal of both compressor and exhaust casings.  The turbine blades section to the left should not be loose as in picture.  Remember this is a VF43 that failed.

Remove heat shield/cover from exhaust casing.

Working with the bearing casing (core or CHRA), hold the turbiner rotor or compressor wheel and loosen the end nut.  Take note thread is non-standard left hand thread.
Notice I found the nut already loose.  This could be the cause or after effect of the turbocharger failure, depends on how failure happened.  Compressor wheel blades had touching marks along blade edges because contact was made with the insert surface of the compressor casing.

Compressor wheel removed.

Next step is to remove the four small screws securing compressor cover to the bearing casing.

Pull off the thrust ring thingamabob.  Extract turbine shaft in axial direction.  This could also be remove later once bearing has been removed on compressor side.

Complete rotor shaft showed, notice damage to turbine blades on left.

Remove 3 small screws on compressor side and extract locating/thrust bearing

Notice I had to drill one out as head stripped due to poor quality torx allen key bit used. 

Remove thrust ring.

Another thrust bearing visible.

Remove small securing clip and extract bearing bush from turbine side.

Remove bearing bush and thrust bearing from compressor side.

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March 17, 2015, 01:01:32 PM
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Thread of the year so far - very interesting, thanks!
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