Author Topic: Pics of the Thule removable tow bar on latest Forester model  (Read 649 times)

May 25, 2015, 03:33:32 PM
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Brilliant, at last I am totally happy. As you can see by the pics, when the tow bar is out it has a small neat cover plate that closes the bumper off. Also no more struggling to plug in the electrics when fitting the ball, as the electrics and plug stay in situ and fold up inside the bumper. When you want to use it just fold it down.

The guy who fitted it does all of Thule's work and he came to my house, removed the Subaru one and fitted this one. His work is brilliant, took his time and got the bumper cut perfect! I was really impressed and would recommend him to anyone. He also does fitting work for Thule on Audi's BMW's etc. He is Terence Myburgh, his own business called Towbar Services and his contact details are 081 502 2172 or

So I have a factory fitted removable Subaru tow bar for sale to fit SJ model if anyone wants. The only bits you'll need will be the electric pc box and plug as I used Subaru's already fitted one for the Thule tow bar. I believe you can buy the unit easily enough for about R1000 to R1500 depending on where you buy it. I would like R3000 for it, I paid Subaru R10k or R11k originally when I bought the car. It has never towed anything and is in perfect condition.

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May 25, 2015, 06:02:00 PM
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