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June 06, 2015, 07:39:41 AM
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(follow-up from "hehe, jus' sayin'  in Trip Planning section :))

Pta Malongane in Southern Moz - same place we've been going to this time each year for the last 4.
Live Rock/Blues/Folk music at the beach for 3 days/4 nights.
For you who this may mean anything to, bands included:
Black Cat Bones, Gerald Clark, Guy Collins, Luna Paige, Josie Field & Laurie Levine, Blues Broers, Albert Frost, Crimson House, Ann Jangle and a host of others - also Piet Botha & Jack Hammer, who have been part of this from about 13 years ago.
The set-up includes semi-acoustic sessions on the beach pub deck around lunch time and a more "proper" open-air stage set at night, where you stand barefoot in shorts in the sand, or sit in your camping chair or on the cooler box  ;) to some rocking tunes.

We were 3 each in the sexy young thing and Dave's recently-bought XV, both fully loaded with camping gear, food & drinks, cooler boxes, fridge (and my surf & kiting gear of course).  The sand varies, but nothing too deep. We dropped the tyres to around 1.9, more for the hell of it. With the loads, the sidewalls did show the drop. The XV behaved impeccably, although she did scoop a fair bit of the 'middelmannetjie' along to Malongane. Dave was chuffed as hell and looked for excuses every day to drive out for ice, more  booze, bread, wood, anything  ;D

We didn't take any Foz (or much of any) pics, but had LOTS of beer, braai and R&R's.

Here are a few pics, some lifted from other people's pics on fb, to give you an idea (sorry , poor quality).
1st pic is on arrival, where we stopped for a few R&R's to welcome ourselves. XV & Foz parked in the back  8)
west can be seen in 3rd pic, parked on the floor against the speaker, during a Deboned (Bones semi-unplugged) session  8)

There were lots of pics from the same area in my previous Trip reports, especially last year, where we took a morning-long drive up the coast.

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