Author Topic: Suggestion for Western Cape day out  (Read 2028 times)

July 19, 2015, 12:27:21 PM
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Sounds like a challenge Pieter. Have foshol and tow rope. If you check on Google earth at the Arabella end of the track there is a photo titled "palmiet track with gate" however you can't see a gate but there is probably one there. Might be worth doing a recce.

July 19, 2015, 08:48:55 PM
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So, this Kaaimansgat thing intrigued me.
Took a drive via DuToitskloof pass(not tunnel), Rawsonville, Kaaimansgat.
I tried to ask at the 4x4 trail reception, but there was no answer, so I just proceeded on the track, knowing I'm alone, no help is to be expected.

We stopped at the waypoint shown on the pic, 'cause SWAMBO's neck/back were complaining too much.
The road is not sooo bad, I would have easily gone further.
I don't know how it looks further on. We went back the way we came to the main road, which is probably wrong in 4x4 trail rules, but there were no other vehicles around, so oncoming traffic was no issue.

Beautiful region: fruit trees/ Proteas/....

I'll attempt the whole round trip another day.

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July 26, 2015, 09:57:59 PM
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Turns out Kogelberg is still only one way in.  The road through washed away in 2013 and hasn't been repaired...
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