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September 09, 2015, 11:59:25 AM
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Hi there all.

I drive a 2001 JDM sf-5 stb and have a few questions.

1.) I've been told by 2 workshops that it is impossible to remap the ECU of this car (both didn't even look at the ECU) and 2 workshops have said that it is possible to remap it with ECUTEK only.  How do i find out if its possible to re-map or not. ( the cat in the DP was removed during the 100k km service. and i feel is lacking the software upgrade)

2.) I need a wheel bearing(rear right) replaced in the very near future. last time i was charged +R5500 and felt a bit ripped. is that a normal price? what have you all paid?

3.) Recently i had to run a taxi off the road as he was carrying a smash and grabber that took my phone. see damage attached. Insurance wont pay for the damage as it was intentional. where is the best place to get this sorted with time, price and quality in mind?  the only quote ive been able to get was +- R46000... i could get a "new" one of these for that price... =/

4.)does anyone know of someone that can supply (and maybe fit) wind guards for the windows. Mine are a bit poked...

5.) does any body have any idea what the actual spec of this vehicle is?? many places say output is rated at 240hp (178kw) that seems a bit much if im honest.

6.) what do fozzies normally boost at from the factory? I put a boost gauge in while i was trying to diagnose jerking (was a cracked spark plug) and i see boost at .7 bar. I would love to crank this up to 1.0(abit OCD)  I realize that its a good idea to have supporting mods(FFS intercooler and intake) but are the internals on these motors strong? i.e. if i up boost am i going to rebuild the engine in R10000kms.?

7.) lastly spare parts. I have been trying to find donor cars for bits an bobs like the clock at the top(already re soldered twice) some fog lights/or covers and the gear stick leather and support frame (i will not use an auto style special thank you). I've tried City deep auto almost monthly and a few other wrecking yards but there is never any joy. maybe someone one here knows of a donor car lying around?

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September 11, 2015, 02:08:06 PM
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As far as I know the spec for that year model was 155KW

hope you get what else you need but check out

Not local but in allot of cases things costs allot less through them
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March 12, 2016, 11:22:31 AM
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Rear Wheel bearing cost around R1200.00 from SSA no labor include.
If you can ask a workshop for a quote on labor you can safe a lot.
I won`t charge more than R1500.00 for installing a rear WB.
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