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May 30, 2017, 05:33:13 PM
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I seem to also be having this problem on my 2006 XT SShift 237000 kilos. No oil on the floor but get burning oil smell after aspirant driving. Saw some oil on the undercarriage but it does not drip to the floor. When driving conservatively there is no smell. Am not too proficient in engine speak but I am learning very quickly. Will take off my engine cover tomorrow to see where the oil may be leaking from. Hopefully it's something I can fix myself.
Have a look at where the steering shaft connects to the steering rack. All three of our Foresters have leaked there. It is a PITA to replace. Parts are under R1000.

Would that be affected by driving style? The oil only seems to leak under hard or full boost. Under normal circumstances it does not. The oil level on the dipstick also decreases slightly when this happens so it is definitely engine oil leaking somewhere.
Ah. Then it could be the turbo return line as mentioned by Sav. That pipe gets very brittle and can crack.
Under higher rpm the oil pressure does go up. Some a bit more oil leaks out.
Does it smoke?

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