Author Topic: SG9 Mudflaps  (Read 2038 times)

February 14, 2017, 10:11:20 AM
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maybe its the material but my mudflaps v1.0 are square. Why did you cut your at an angle at the top?

Its a simple design,

Cut a piece of material (cardboard if you want a template first) to the size you want, I made mine 28cm x 35cm. I rubbed chalk on the screw holes as my material was black, make holes, mount and test.
Modify according to needs and once happy remove and make an inverse duplicate.

I think this took me about 30 minutes on one as I rounded the top corners and also used the kitchen counter as a T square :)
If you want the proper rally look where they stick out the side then make them 30 wide and longer if you want but heed Berndp warning about it catching when reversing.
Cape Town

February 14, 2017, 09:16:08 PM
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"Why did you cut your at an angle at the top?"
I assume you mean me?

Reason being, there is a alu flatbar running down at that angle, from the bumper, to the +/- existing hole in the body panel, to which the flaps are fixed.
See pic below.
If they were "square", there would be a "loose" triangle above the support flatbar.

I actually saw/felt some of that material you "@ thebus" used. It seems very fllexible.
Don't you think that top triangle may fold down over time?
For the front, I'm thinking that on a hot road, the flaps will bend backwards while driving, thereby reducing their "stone deflecting" feature.
Mine, made from the thicker PVC floor tile material, do bend quite a bit at 100km/h.

The only reason I fitted "mudflaps", is for protection against stones. Mud does no damage.

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