Author Topic: Change from Forester to OB? Sand performance any good?  (Read 1466 times)

July 13, 2017, 07:51:49 AM
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So I've had my 2017 Outback H6 for about a week and a half and all I keep saying is Wow! Why didn't I look at this car earlier ??

I love the level of refinement they have got to, and all the toys onboard! The centre info/ music system is a pleasure and works fast and really well. And the space and comfort!!!

Still running the motor in, but the 6 just glides around without a murmer, incredibly quiet but if you open it up a bit it has a nice " muted" growl. You can just tell it's a boxer 6. Perfect for me, I wouldn't want it any louder. She feels elegant but with enough power on tap to really move if you want her to.

As for the interior, it really is in another league of build quality and finish to the Forester. I am clearly getting older, I call it my " grown up" car  ;D  ;)

I will venture onto some dirt tracks soon and try it out, for now she's just beautiful and squeaky clean running around town!