Author Topic: Long weekend of work to get to same place as I started  (Read 802 times)

June 19, 2017, 02:51:17 PM
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This weekend was not so joyful.
Started off by arranging everything to fit the forester in the tiny garage so I could change the radiator and gear linkages. A lot of prep had gone into making this happen.
Started by draining coolant trying my bestest not to spill any and to ensure no pets get into garage to drink the sweet poison. Once drained I removed hoses, clips for fan and 2 bolts on top. First bit of disappointment was that one pin under radiator was broken due to radiator being shoved in. The rubber grommet wasnt inserted properly and the angle broke the pin.
I found that the pipes had been leaking coolant and there was a buildup of sediment around the inlet pipe.
The radiator had some bent fins from not being handled correctly. Then emptying the overflow bottle revealed a small amount of brown gloop when I had done a proper flush.
So on Friday morning I had new radiator and old ready to transfer fans and what do you know, the shroud does not line up into holes at bottom of radiator. After a mission to get drill and drill bits I managed to make the hole bigger :) but as I slide the shroud in something isnt right. The radiator was made to small, end tanks are to close. I took a timeout to think things over and decided to take both radiators to the shop and show them their error. They were closed so wasted a day and needed to put old radiator back in car.

Then went to Subaru to buy new hoses and some top up coolant. Nice friendly service but I think they gave me the wrong pipe. Same shape but slightly shorter and different number printed on hose so will need to confirm with them if this is correct.
Trying to sort loose shifter out proved to be a task of madness. Nothing would fit or slide and eventually just ended up doing half the job, not the half that counts though, must have spent 6 hours to change one bushing.
When I eventually reversed car out of garage there was steam all over and dripping coolant. I am hoping its the spill of coolant. Checked oil and it was LOW compared to when I checked last Sunday when it showed Full.

All in all I need a victory soon to make me a happy camper again.
Cape Town

October 29, 2017, 10:10:16 PM
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thebus  sorry about the eventful experience I'm in interested in the gear linkages how much were the bushes just bought my very first Fozzie that's need bushes

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October 30, 2017, 08:27:58 AM
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Donner bliksem that sounds like a terrible time...
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October 30, 2017, 11:38:04 AM
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05 XT AT Pretty much standard