Author Topic: Gear stick suddenly moves where it shouldnt!  (Read 403 times)

July 31, 2017, 07:04:13 AM
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Set the scene:
Early Saturday afternoon, Fair bridge mall, Ques of cars trying to get in and out.

As I turned into the mall I stopped at the pedestrian crossing much to the disapproval of drivers behind me. Once pedestrian was over I put my car into first and it went to super low gear. The shifter knob hit my demisting button. No gears. No clue. In a jack reacher moment I had to get out and push while my passenger jumped into drivers seat and some how managed to get first and pulled off and managed to find a parking.

The "crown" looking bushing is missing (my fault) and the lever cant find its settings.
Decided to leave car there, walked home and got the other car and carried on with my day. After the braai I decided to mcguyver and see what i could do. Luckily I found reverse to get out of parking and after a minute I managed first and drove home like that.

From all my searching It seems my car has an unusual bushing. Mine had a cir-clip at the bottom (facing the tar), spent more time yesterday looking like a hobo walking up and down Brackenfell boulevard scanning the gutters looking for this mystery piece. I now have a theory, that the bushing didnt fall out but rather IN and is still inside the gland somewhere.
Cape Town

July 31, 2017, 10:39:12 AM
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I have never scratched down there.
Do you have the manual. There's quite a bit on that spaghetti in the manual.
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