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Shipwreck trail, early Jan 2018


Hey guys, wife & I planning to do the Shipwreck trail on the West coast early Jan (4th most likely, 3rd/5th are alternative options).  They need 4pax min, so we need two more peeps, as it's only us at the moment.  It's a self-drive and runs from Noup to Kleinzee, sand & rock trail along the beach for 37km.  Not usually open to the public unless on a tour like this. The operator indicates 4-5hrs, so leisurely drive. Some thickish sand along the way. I said I'm in a Foz and they don't have an issue.  I know of a guy who did it in an SG some years ago, so quite do-able.  He had a lift and oversized AT tyres though.  Wanted to know if anyone wants to join? Even if not in a Foz (in which case you could help me get out the dwang ;D)
pm me or preferably via WhatsApp, I'm on the forum WA group.

Sounds fantastic, but bleddie far from where I am...

Great option for the CT guys

So it happened  ;D
(Not without some drama beforehand though...)
F4RS1D3 and his SWAMBO joined us for the Shipwreck trail section, will do a trip report in a while.
It was pretty damn good.
Here's a teaser...

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Looks like plenty of fun !

Wow. Do share details and pics of the fun!

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