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Hi there. I have just joined your forum.
I need to replace my tyres which are Yokohama Geolander 225/55R17's. Chatting to someone at Suburu, he mentioned that I should look at Kumho tyres as a suitable replacement as they are more affordable, of similar quality and have perhaps greater sidewall strength. Use will be mainly onroad with not too severe offroad.
Has anyone had experience with these tyres and are there other makes I should look at?
Many thanks.

Which model Geolandar have you got on at the moment?
I currently run 225/60/17 G012 Geolandars on my Outback.
Previously I had Hankook Dynapro HP on. That is the highway profile but, with some off road ability. I was extremely happy with them on road.
I have also used the Goodyear Wrangler HP on my previous Outback, also a very good tyre.

I am very happy with the off road ability of the G012, though they are now called the G015.
On road handling is a little Jelly Totts like though and, fuel consumption is up from the Hankooks.

Thanks for the reply. I am currently running on Geolander G95 tyres. A bit old and due for replacement!

G 015's are for 50 / 50 on and off road. I am using them but I do some relatively rough roads with mine. Personally would not fit them for 90 % tar and 10 % gravel use.

If you haven't bought I suggest you look at the General Grabber GT as well.
Came across it in recent search for tyres and was recommended for about 80On - 20OFF application.


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