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April 05, 2018, 11:03:42 AM
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Hey Guys,

Name is Darrin. I hail from the sinkhole metropolis of Centurion and bought a 2009 2.5XS Auto in January and she's sitting on 172'000KM

So far so good. There was a oil leak on the head gasket, but this was fixed by the dealer. We sell cars.
she's a bit thirsty with town driving +-14L/100km. highway driving is +- 9.6-10l/100km

Reading through the forums I see that I should replace the radiator rather soon. I can see that the radiator is leaking a bit. Slowly loosing cooling fluid.

I would greatly appreciate some advise on where you guys do change your radiators out and estimated pricing. I think I can change it out myself. Further to that, What coolant do you guys use? and do you guys also replace the thermostat every 100k as a preventative measure? then is there anything else I need to look at with regards to the cooling system at this point?



April 05, 2018, 11:15:50 AM
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Hi Darrin
We can help you with the radiator and either top and tail the core with new tanks, or make a new one for you.
Drop me a pm at Intent Performance and we can do pricing for you. 0827859277
The thermostat is fine OEM hey.
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