Author Topic: Various Maintainance schedules?  (Read 2579 times)

April 15, 2018, 08:17:43 AM
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It seems that one of the reasons I drive Subaru, being good service, has gone out of the window long ago.
It seems that Subaru SA's maintenance schedule is different than the one in the book and it is up to the dealerships to decide which one to apply when it suits them.
My Owners manual states that the cabin filter should be replaced at 30'000km intervals at 30k,60,90k etc.
When I took it for the 30'000km at Somerset-West in 2017, upon receiving the car, I asked if the cabin filter was replaced as I did not see it on the jobcard. I was promptly informed it is only due at 45'000km and they then proceed to clean out all the crap with compressed air.

Now, a year later when I asked the same dealership if they will replace it now at 45'000, I was informed it will only be done at 60'000 km and I must pay to have it done now.

I took it to a different dealership on Friday (Bloemfontein) for the 45K service, and literally the only things that was changed was Engine oil and filter. So, they seem to also follow the 30'000 km schedule for the cabin Airfiler (which the previous dealership did not apply at the time but they do now) but also ignored that fact that the owners manual states that the Intake filter should be replaced at 45'000km.

So, between the selective use of service schedules, I have 42'000km now on my car after 3 years, I never had a Air intake or cabin filter replaced due to the goalposts being moving around constantly.

Thanks Subaru SA. You will loose a long term loyal customer.....
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April 15, 2018, 04:01:37 PM
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All about the bottom line it seems...

I don't know how they will survive. For reasons other than yours it also seems I'm on my last Subaru. Probably Honda or Lexus next.
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