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April 12, 2019, 08:10:53 PM
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Hi there

So I am looking to buy a 3rd generation Forester (09+). Have about R100k to spend. I have looked at quite a few. Most of them have 140,000 - 240,000 km on the clock. Some have been looked after fairly well, others I'm not so sure of. I'd appreciate some advice about the following:

Car 1

I drove an 09 XS Premium with 240,000km on the clock. Based on the service book the original owner was averaging 3000km per month. He had it serviced regularly though. I chatted to the mechanic that worked on it from Pyro. It has had piston rings replaced and some other elements. It's an automatic. When I recently drove it, the dealer put fuel in (I think it was unleaded), and immediately the car felt limp while driving.

My questions about this car:

  • What's your take on high mileage with this car? I have heard that highway miles are better than city miles, and this one seems to have done mostly highway miles.
  • What about A/T vs manual? I have heard that the A/Ts are not good quality and break....
  • Why would the car feel limp while driving? Was it the wrong fuel? We drove another that did not feel that way....
Car 2

I drove another one from WeBuyCars that felt good. Also an 09 automatic XS that has about 183,000 km on the clock. It did not feel limp. But it had a Dekra test done by another buyer and after that he did not purchase the vehicle. But I do not know what they found... So I'm wondering what the problem could be. Any ideas?

Car 3

Then there is an 09 XT with 200,000km on the clock that has been looked after really well by the owner. Has had all kinds of work done on it including a new radiator, rear suspension, major service including new cam belt, and has had it Chett tuned.

  • I have heard that the XTs blow gaskets easily. My wife's colleague had one that blew a gasket at 180,000 kms. Is there a way to overcome this from happening?
  • What about fuel consumption?

These are the three that I am currently considering.

Besides my questions above what would your advice be regarding looking for a second hand one to buy?



April 12, 2019, 10:27:57 PM
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Car 1: Maybe bad fuel, was an engine light on?
Car 2: Could be absolutely anything, how long is a piece of string, Maybe accident damage?? In my opinion those tests really show up bodywork and accident damage so that would be my guess.
Car 3: All Subaruís seem to have potential HG issues XTs maybe more-so, best way of overcoming is as far as I am aware upgrade the radiator, but Iím sure other more knowledgeable folks will chime in.

Fuel consumption is worth it in my opinion but I drive an XT so would say that.

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