Author Topic: Coal Roller Outback  (Read 155 times)

September 13, 2019, 02:04:35 PM
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After much deliberation I took a plunge for the world's only Boxer Diesel.

Some days I really miss my old Outback 2.5, and the zest with what it could accelerate, but the Diesel CVT is a super relaxed cruiser.

7.2L/100km on the open road is not to be sniffed at, including much more interior space and all the small luxuries like Bluetooth and sunroof.

Super happy with it, and at some point I will also get it onto the lift for a scan so that some sump and gearbox protection plates can be designed. ;)
It's also just had it's 1st service under my ownership. R3000 for oil and filters seem a bit steep, but since the car is still under warranty there isn't other options but to cough up and pay.