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February 12, 2020, 08:04:09 PM
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Hi Guys

I decided to go all in and have a much cars scanned as possible (mostly Subaru's)

Scans will happen on the 1st Saturday of every month, for the next six months starting in March, with two cars scanned each morning.

These scans will be done at Pyro performance's garage (thanks Julian!), and it should be less than an hour on turn around time.

Below is the list of cars I hope to get my hands on:
Forester SG   XT auto
                    XS auto
Outback BR   2.5
Outback BS    2.5
Forester SH XT auto
                 XS auto
Impreza 2006 Sti
Renault Duster    4x4 old
                         4x4 new
VW Transporter T6

If you are willing to assist in the scanning process, you can get 20% of the standard price of the sump guard, and I will help you bolt it on if you are located close to the Cape Town CBD (but generally it's a very simple DIY job).

If you are interested, and own the relevant car, please send me a message on the forum.

Looking forward hearing from you guys out there.