Author Topic: can laaik to play in a dirty rokkie  (Read 340 times)

June 10, 2012, 07:33:32 PM
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A bit of Foz-p0rn!
Went kiting at the Vaal yesterday.  It was pretty cold, the front had bombarded the Cape and brought snow to the EC.  I'd driven around on the

shoreline to find a good launch/landing spot, eventually found this lovely beach. Afterwards, I was shuddering with cold but chuffed with being

able to get out there, which had me do a few rally-style donuts on the sand.  More driving in the water followed.  Wasn't paying attention and

ended in a clay mud hole on the water's edge. I eventually got out, but not before getting mud EVERYwhere.  The windscreen seemed to be more mud than glass; I didn't even use the side mirrors on the way back, they were so caked. With getting in and out in the mud, even the dash had smears!
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