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Beware of this on the face lifted ones.
They a PITA to remove and fix. I have probably fixed 13 sets in the past 6 months.

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Whats the reason for it?

Thank for the assistance all, much appreciated and all very relevant.

Are they the same shape, Pre-facelift or facelift?

One is pre facelift the other facelift

Hi Jack

No that is not a Gauteng joke :-)
Best thing you can do is ask the owner if you can get a leakdown test done. Should be about R750. That will tell you if the rings, valve seals, gaskets are OK. Then look at the radiator and put a new one in if it has not been done. They pop at 100km regularly.
You then might want to consider getting a decat and tune if it has not been done. Much safer and nice gains over stock.
The one with less milleage is heading for a 150k service which is not that big a deal, but the other one will need a 200k service which may cost R13-15k if you do it in one smack.

Cars can be heavy on fuel, read 12-14l/100km
Fun to drive though.

Thank you Fozziedriver much appreciated! Will do so

Cars For Sale / Re: 2005 Forester XT Auto Premium
« on: July 27, 2017, 01:55:23 PM »
What was your consumption looking like?

Hi Forum!

Glad to be on here. I'm currently looking to purchase either a 2004 or 2005 Forester XT and I guess I need some direction.

I've always wanted to own one and looking at it now I guess I am hoping to find out what I am letting myself in for.

Any advice on what to check on these cars to make a informed decision when making the choice.

The 2004 has 134 000km on
The 2005 has 176 000km on

Much appreciated!

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