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Wheels, Tires and Brakes. / KYB shocks any good?
« on: March 18, 2015, 11:51:04 AM »
I am getting ready to replace the front shocks on my 2004 XT- Have done the conversion from SLS to standard X at the back about 10 000km ago. I have sourced KYB units at the local Hi Q fitment center and wondered if they are any good, or whether I should slavishly head off to the local agent for the OE stuff (at almost twice the price, once the R1100 excl is added for fitting)?

Turbo Tech Chat / Advice needed- ensuring long term XT reliability...
« on: September 19, 2013, 09:22:49 PM »
Picked up my '04 XT auto with 120 000km on the clock towards the end of last year. Service record indicates all services and oil changes done at the correct intervals or earlier, especially since 100K. I had the cats removed, as I understood that they would be getting beyond their reliability date and that the up-pipe cat in the earlier models could disintegrate and toast the turbo. It goes fine, but would probably get the best benefit from the decat with an ECU retune. A CEL came up after the decat and turned out to be the EGT sensor, which apparently only came with the models having the up pipe cat? A 2.2 Kohm resistor across the plug sorted that out, but the sensor should have been removed when the job was done. It runs much cooler now, without the cat (for which the sensor was there), so I doubt the sensor will be a problem staying in situ...
I have a long experience of non-turbo scoobies and their excellent reliability and assumed turbos to be the same. Some posts on this forum bear me out on this, but many USA sites have left me paranoid about the turbo failing at any moment... the sites claim mysterious blockage of in line oil filters (in the banjo bolts?) causing turbo failure. Do the SA models have this? is it a documented problem here? Have Subaru SA got anything in their service schedule to check this/ removed it already? Is it something I need to tend to as a matter of urgency, or is it non-subaru people bombing sites with sour grapes. Any advice or reassurance will ease my mind. I have always enjoyed my scoobies and really like the latest one, but there is always this nagging fear that something is waiting to go wrong... kinda spoils the fun!
Incidentally, does anyone know if Pyroperformance is still in business? I have tried to phone, e-mail and sms, to no avail. If not, is there any other reliable ECU tuner in Cape Town?

Introduction / New to Forester, but not to scoobies!
« on: June 17, 2013, 11:51:22 AM »
Hi everyone.
After owning a '96 Legacy wagon from 190 to 222K on the clock, I moved to a newer '01 model, also second hand, but just after it's big 100K service. I had fantastic service from both cars, especially the later one, which gave no problems of any sort. I have always hankered after a Forester and found an '04 XTec on gumtree late last year. It had the right price and reasonably low km (117K) as well as a good dealer service record, so I took the plunge. Although most of the boxes were ticked, it was an auto... I have never had an auto before... It was in such good condition and drove so well that I decided to give it a try. So far so good! Had to replace radiator for a Behr unit and pulled the leaking self levellers at the back to replace with standard X setup (all from advice gained off this lovely forum).  Have just had all three cats removed by Powerflow Salt River and, once the ECU and autobox had recalibrated themselves, it is awesome. I use it mainly for longer trips to the family beach house, requiring some 200km on gravel, so the improved ride height is useful. I stick reasonably well to speed limit and find the turbo and  autobox make the trip superb and effortless. Gravel road calls for quite a bit of slowing down for oncoming traffic and speeding up again (reduces stone chip/ windscreen damage) and the auto has made this a pleasure. Looking forward to happy miles and love the forum!

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