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June 01, 2017, 07:43:25 AM
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Ok well end of last week my Foresters clutch bearing started making a very slight wine when pressed in.
So Friday I started getting prices and quotes for the parts and so forth and then contacted Wayne and arranged that Wednesday my Forester would go in to have the clutch replaced.
On the way to work on Tuesday the Foresters clutch bearing decided that it has served its full life and does not want to work no more.
It started just as I was turning onto the highway where the clutch gave 2 pressure points when pressing it in.
so I got into 5th and drove to the section where I would get off
When I pressed the clutch then it did not want to disengage.
So by that time I had already decided that driving to work is not the way to go so I headed to Wayne s place and gave him a call. (This being 06:10 in the morning I knew it was not nice but options were limited)
So I slowly drove to Wayne s place mostly between 1st and second gear
At robots I had to turn off the car and then power starts to get away.
Took Forester to Wayne and even though it was booked for the next day they helped me out to get it replaced.
Thanks Wayne
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June 05, 2017, 10:30:55 PM
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Now thats service, if only he had a twin brother that worked in DBN  :-\
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